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February 17, 2007

Successful networking…

I like this and stole it!!!!

To be a successful networker, you need to follow this one important rule: Ask not what your network can do for you; ask what you can do for your network. To help you put that rule into action, here are ten ways you can give to your network.

1. Ask
The best way to learn how you can help members of your network is to ask them how you can help. If you ask them directly, they are likely to tell you exactly how you can support them. Always listen to what they are saying, you will be able to discern their needs.

2. Connect Them
One of the most valuable things you can do for members of your network is to connect them with each other. Think about the members of your network and identify connections that would be mutually valuable.
Amazing things can happen.

3. Share Articles
When you are reading an article that you think would be of interest to a member of your network, tear it out and mail it to them with a quick note. My friend Matt does this all the time and I so appreciate the valuable information and the thoughtfulness that comes with it. Now, every time I am on plane, I scour the in-flight magazine to find something of value for a member of my network. With envelops and stamps at hand, I pop my network care packages in the mail box as soon as I reach my destination.

4. Invite
If you are attending a conference, networking meeting, training course or any other type of event, invite members of your network to attend with you. You will have an opportunity to spend time with them and they will appreciate that you thought of them.

5. Send a Link
When you are visiting a web site, think about the members of your network who could also benefit from knowing about that web site. Then send them a link. Many sites have ‘mail this to a friend’ buttons making it as simple as a couple of clicks. There are so many web sites, it is often impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Identifying sites of interest is a valuable service you can provide to your network.

6. Give Them a Free Service
If you have products or services that you sell, consider providing them to members of your network for free to thank them for their support or just share with them what you are doing. If you are great at writing or critiquing resumes, offer your network members assistance. Share your strengths and you will become known for them.

7. Alert
When you learn about a cool new product that may be of interest to members of your network, take the opportunity to let them know about it. When you learn about special discounts, offers and ‘free stuff,’ let the members of your network share in the savings, too.

8. Include
Whether you are writing an article and need a quote or you are giving a presentation and need some additional photos for your slides, ask your network members to contribute. You are giving them an opportunity to increase their visibility.

9. Share Your Passion or Interest
Whenever I buy a book, CD or magazine, I always buy two of the same and give one to the member of my network I think will most appreciate it.
Then you can discuss or critique it with them. When you finish reading a book, think about the member of your network who would benefit most from reading it next.

10. Remember and Recognize
Make note of special days (birthdays, anniversaries, the days they start new jobs or get promoted) and acknowledge these important events. You can send a note, a card or an e-card. lets you store important dates and the email addresses of your contacts; and it reminds you of these dates so you can send them an e-card at just the right time.