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April 30, 2008

Elevator Pitch Tips

A good elevator pitch contains the same content as a good executive summary contains the same content as a good PowerPoint contains the same content as a good business plan. The distinction among these business descriptions is not the substance, it is the degree to which the essential elements are fleshed out.

Each document contains slightly more detail than the preceding.
Elevator Pitch –>
Executive Summary –>
PowerPoint –>
Business Plan

This makes good intuitive sense. There is no reason that the things that are most compelling about your business would change based upon the nature of the business description. Nor would an investor be interested in different things by virtue of the form that description takes.

What, then, are the essential elements that make up a good PowerPoint, a persuasive elevator pitch, a compelling executive summary?
1. Introduction
2. Team (who)
3. Product (what)
4. Market (where)
5. Business Model (how)
6. Competition (risks/who/what you’re up against)
7. Financials (how much)
8. Conclusion (why)