Good article/discussion on Knowledge Management 2.0, Strategy, SharePoint, ECM, and more…–007986.php?awt_l=BXLod&awt_m=1a2FZF0ZKqn0sm

KM 2.0 seems to be more about aggregating unstructured information with structured data (perhaps in a community, portal, team space, etc…).

And there is a hope and promise that SharePoint will “do it all” — but I think you have to leverage the platform as a collaboration system first and not just a place to store documents. SharePoint can work very very well for communications, collaboration, and community in large organization (both inside and outside the firewall). However, for traditional ECM/RM or e-Commerce driven websites, it may not be the best fit (esp. in larger organizations).

And SharePoint (like any of the vendors/systems you mentioned) requires good governance, some tweaking/development, and care/feeding and the right consulting guidance to optimize the ROI and ensure users view the technology as a productivity tool that enables them to get their jobs done better, faster, and cheaper…..

The challenge most organizations have is too many repositories, different taxonomies, too many places to search, too costly, not well governed, etc, etc… And of course, users inside a company expect a google-like experience in spite of all that. Organizations have created an “information mess” and as a result KM becomes difficult and can fail today just like in KM 1.0.

It’s really not any different than back in the 80s/early 90s with companies having 3,4, or 5 different email systems….and they realized they needed to standardize on 1 email system (novell, exchange, or notesmail generally).

And there is a tremendous economic benefit attempting to cleanup and consolidate different ECM systems into a single vendor platform (for the 80%) with a consistent and enterprise information architecture. No I don’t think 1 system will “do it all” but 80% is good enough …while the remaining 20% might require a more unique/tailored technology/solution (be it open source or a more pricey ECM solution).




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