Structure 09: Akamai’s CEO Explains Why the Middle of the Net Is Such a Drag

No doubt something to think about if you are considering SharePoint in the cloud….


Structure 09: Akamai’s CEO Explains Why the Middle of the Net Is Such a Drag

6 Key Ingredients for What Is Cloud Computing:

1. Computing accessed via the Internet — not proprietary networks that enterprises have used before.
2. Outsourced and shared infrastructure — without shared you won’t get efficiencies.
3. Scalable resources that you get on-demand.
4. Metered use — only pay for the piece you use.
5. Need a new level of reporting and insight, plus a new level of security.
6. 10 years of history led us here.

Why the Cloud Is Inevitable:

1. Acceptance of web-enabled technologies, from the consumer side inside the enterprise, IM, social networking, etc.
2. Economics of shared infrastructure is better.
3. It’s a faster way to get applications to market.
4. Security has gotten good enough for public Internet and sharing infrastructure.
5. This model is much more efficient and greener. The IT industry is the fastest growing culprit of the carbon footprint problem.

Cloud Computing Enablers:

– virtualization
– infrastructure as a service
– application platform as a service
– software as a service
– we think the piece that is missing here is optimization layer — that’s Akamai

Top CIO Concerns With Cloud Computing:

1. Security
2. Performance
3. Availability
4. Integration
5. Customization Tags:

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