Sharepoint – the new intranet

It seems that many businesses out there are looking at Sharepoint not just as a portal, collaboration & content management solution …. but as a replacement to their current intranet … in effect Sharepoint becomes THE intranet.   This is an interesting revelation and one way to view Sharepoint within an organization.    I can definitely see small and midsize businesses thinking of sharepoint that way.  For a large organization, I’m not sure sharepoint is quite there yet to replace the corporate intranet….

Sharepoint replacing your intranet — becoming the intranet — that’s a big deal.  A lot of planning & analysis, a lot of time, a lot of effort and headaches.  Does it make sense in the long run? Yes.   But you will need to consider some type of phased approach.   Like getting shared team workspaces out there first so users become familiar with them and start to adopt them and see the ease of integration with MS office.   Then introduce other parts to the equation as you slowly migrate your entire intranet over to sharepoint.  Don’t just rush into rolling out Sharepoint because you think it will solve all your business problems.   Otherwise, Sharepoint will just become another problem by itself.


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