Facebook: The New Portal….

Facebook started out as a simple app to rate other college kids at Harvard. It evolved into what is today “finding friends and doing cool fun stuff online”.  What facebook does really well — they say “I do this in my real life with my friends….how do I do this in an online world that is convenient , easy, and fits my lifestyle.”

My prediction is that Facebook will ultimately become the portal of choice (where people won’t goto Yahoo…they’ll goto their own facebook page). The real power in facebook is that it aggregates other technology into it. Take a facebook application like Trip Advisor for example — that’s not just “cool fun stuff” to do with friends — that’s called online marketing by word of mouth. What restaurant is good in Charlotte, NC? Let me ask my friends or my friends friends. I’m a restaurant in the area — do I market with flyers, tv, google search? No. You market inside Facebook.

Facebook has single handedly turned marketing on its head — as businesses can no longer shout out information about their products or services via TV and other means — they need to penetrate your social networks from the ground up virally.   Ultimately….it’s all about the Facebook platform — and Facebook being “THE platform”….

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