Studying now…but the mind is wandering….

So I’m getting my MBA now and have been thinking about one of my earlier posts as my mind has been wandering back to this very subject called life. And it hit me…..this MBA program is not about a masters in business….its a metaphor for life itself. “MBA a metaphor for life”? — what the ?  I think I’m dellusional as it’s approaching early morning here.

I guess what I mean is that I’ve read a ton of those “business guru” books, books on highly effective habits, time management, and a million Harvard Business School case studies to the point I think my eyeballs are about to pop out of my head. Well, I should clarify that I never finished the book on time management — why? because I didn’t have time 🙂 Anyway, some of these readings were okay, some long and boring, but most pretty much state the obvious. Again, still amazing you can make money from simply stating the obvious.

Since stating the obvious has always come easy to me, I thought one day I might write my own guru book one day. But the reality is …. who the heck am I? So maybe I’ll shift my focus to my son and apply my collective “management” and “life” knowledge I learned so far and create a curriculum of sorts — something my son can refer to as he goes through his own life.

Maybe I’ll model it after my MBA experience this summer at Babson…..


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