found a fellow Wolverine who wrote his top 5…

google is great! Some dude wrote his top 5 and I figured I’d copy/paste it here. Not bad…but why stop at 5? 10 was too much effort for him? 🙂

Top 5 Lessons of a Michigan MBA (author unknown)
5. Be Content (Have Fun)
True, the real world is difficult and not always fun. Still, it is important to seek contentment in what we do, and try to have fun where we can. My two years at Michigan went by way too fast, and the rest of life will go by even more quickly. Have fun and be content – it makes all the difference.

4. Maintain Balance
Yes, that’s why I put “(Have Fun)” in parentheses. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between work, fun, and everything else in life. Sure, I was able to balance my commitments during school, but let’s face it – I had it pretty easy. I really admire my colleagues and non-student acquaintances that have managed to pull this off with more pressing life commitments – those that are married, those that are working, and especially those with families. I continue to learn from these exceptional individuals.

3. Learn By Doing
One of the hallmarks of the Michigan MBA is something called “Action Based Learning.” This ethos is intertwined throughout the curriculum and embedded within the spirit of the program. MAP M.ultidiscplinary A.ction P.roject is a 7-week course where students work with real companies on real business projects) was a unique foray into experiential learning. Beyond the curriculum, there were multiple opportunities for students to become involved in extra curricular activities and events, providing a platform for further growth and learning. The Michigan M-trek, business plan and case competitions, and student led clubs (see Weekend Warriors) and events were just a few of these unique opportunities. In my opinion, learning is best accomplished by doing.

2. Seek & Build Character
Even though I’ve listed this as #2, it could very well be #1, and should realistically be even higher. My MBA experience was an intensive affirmation of this truth. Even though none of us would like to admit that we lack character, the truth is that everyone has areas of weakness. The real difference between those with character and those without is self awareness. People with character are constantly looking inwardly, striving to grow in areas that are lacking, and inspiring growth in those around them as a result. People without character are harder to identify. If you are anything like me, you choose to give most people the benefit of the doubt, choosing instead to see their good qualities first. Still, I can’t iterate this enough: steer clear of those with deep character flaws, and draw near to those with strong character.

1. Take Risks
As much as I hate the cliché, the underlying idea is essential in life and in business. Do things that cause you to “step outside of your comfort zone.” While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to jump out of a plane or SCUBA with sharks, it does mean to seek opportunities to expand your own horizons. You can learn a lot about yourself through new activities, and in doing so, your sphere of empathy and understanding will increase. It’s also a great way to build confidence. For those who know me, it may be hard to believe that I was actually petrified before perfoming in front of 800 peers in the Michigan Follies production. The fact that I was so nervous could only mean that the experience would be a good one – and it was. So important is this learning, in fact, that I made it the central theme to my Ross Profiles submission. Looking back, I can safely say that my MBA experience was well worth it. If you are considering an MBA degree, appreciate the fact that you will learn so much more than business acumen. In order to fully capitalize on your MBA learning experience, don’t overlook life beyond the classroom. Be sure the MBA program you choose offers a well-integrated platform for professional and personal learning.


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